APRIL 16-18, 2019


The 6th Annual Translational Microbiome Conference is Coming Back to Boston April 21-23, 2020. 

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2019 Speaking Faculty


Conference Chair

Mollie Roth, J.D.

Executive Director
The Microbiome Coalition (TMBC)


Speaking Faculty

    • Stephen Skolnick

    • Translational Gerontology Branch
    • National Institutes on Aging, National Institutes of Health


    • Bernat Olle, Ph.D.

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Vedanta Biosciences


    • George Tetz, MD, Ph.D.

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Human Microbiology Institute


    • Jennifer Wargo, MD

    • Associate Professor, Department of Surgical Oncology, Division of Surgery
    • The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

    • Alison Lawton

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Kaleido Biosciences


    • Martha Carlin

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • The Biocollective


    • Alicia Sheffer-Wong, Ph.D.

    • Founder & CEO
    • Floragraph


    • Kristen L. Beck, Ph.D.

    • Research Staff Member, Sequencing the Food Supply Chain, Almaden Research Center
    • IBM

    • Emily Hollister, Ph.D.

    • VP, Information Technology & Analytics
    • Diversigen


    • Jonathan Krive

    • Co-Founder, CEO
    • AsiaBiome


    • Vanni Bucci, Ph.D.

    • Assistant Professor
    • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth


    • Kelly N. Haas, Ph.D.

    • Post Doctoral Scholar, Dermatology Dept.
    • University of California, Davis

    • David Riglar, Ph.D.

    • Post-Doctoral Fellow (Silver Lab) Microbiome Engineering, Department of Systems Biology
    • Harvard Medical School


    • Lindy Bancke, Pharm.D.

    • Head of Clinical Development
    • Rebiotix


    • Malcolm Kendall

    • CEO and Co-Founder
    • Microbiome Insights


    • Edward Burd, Ph.D.

    • Head of Regulatory Affairs
    • Rebiotix

    • Madhu Jasti

    • Scientist III R&D
    • Thermo Fisher Scientific


    • Dale Pfost

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Biome Bliss


    • Lakshmi Balachandra, Ph.D.

    • Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship, Blank Center for Entrepreneurship
    • Babson College


    • Arne Materna, Ph.D.

    • VP Product
    • Cosmos ID

    • Nur Hasan, Ph.D.

    • Chief Scientific Officer
    • Cosmos ID


    • Hongzhe Li, Ph.D.

    • Professor of Biostatistics & Statistics, Chair, Graduate Program in Biostatistics, Director, Center for Statistics in Big Data
    • University of Pennsylvania


    • Katherine Gregory, Ph.D.

    • Scientific Co-Founder/Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
    • Astarte Medical/Brigham & Women's Hospital


    • Mark Fitzgerald, Ph.D.

    • Partner
    • Nixon Peabody

    • Elliot Friedman, Ph.D.

    • Sr. Research Investigator, Div. of Gastro., Perelman School of Med.
    • University of Philadelphia


    • Jaeyun Sung, Ph.D.

    • Assistant Professor of Surgery, College of Medicine, Senior Associate Consultant I, Division of Surgery Research
    • Mayo Clinic


    • Nicole Rempel, MS, MBA

    • Director, Regulatory and Strategic Development
    • Clinipace


    • Nikole Kimes, Ph.D.

    • Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
    • Siolta Therapeutics

    • Greg Fluet

    • Microbiome Partnerships & Commercialization
    • Ferring (Rebiotix)


    • Arthur Ouwehand, Ph.D.

    • Technical Fellow and Research Manager
    • DuPont Nutrition & Health


    • Jon A. Vanderhoof, MD

    • Attending Physician, GI & Nutrition/Sr. Lecturer in Pediatrics/Prof. Emeritus of Pediatrics
    • Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School/Univ. of Nebraska College of Medicine


    • Nancy Caralla

    • Founding President, Executive Director
    • C Diff Foundation

    • Maciej Chichlowski, Ph.D., PMP

    • Principal Scientist
    • Reckitt Benckiser


    • Mary Ellen Sanders, Ph.D.

    • Principal
    • Dairy and Food Culture Technologies


    • Susan Stewart, JD

    • Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs & Quality
    • Kaleido Biosciences


    • Andrew Shao, Ph.D.

    • Sr. VP Scientific and Regulatory Affairs
    • Council for Responsible Nutrition

    • Shuji Ogino, MD, Ph.D., MS

    • Chief, Program in Molecular Pathological Epidemiology/Prof. of Pathology/Prof. (Epidemiology)
    • Brigham & Women's Hospital/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute-Harvard Medical School/Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


    • Aaron Del Duca

    • VP Technology & Microbiome Program Lead
    • DNA Genotek


    • Stephan Reiling, Ph.D.

    • Senior Fellow & Computational Scientist
    • Kaleido Biosciences


    • Annie Evans, Ph.D.

    • Research and Development Director
    • Metabolon

    • Dan Knights, Ph.D.

    • Professor, Dept. Computer Science and BioTechnology Institute/Co-Founder
    • University of Minnesota/CoreBiome

    • Tracy Warren

    • CEO
    • Astarte Medical


    • Lata Jayaraman, Ph.D.

    • VP, Oncology
    • Seres Therapeutics


    • Antonio Gomes, Ph.D.

    • Computational Biologist, Sr.
    • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

    • Kaja Milanowska, Ph.D.

    • Executive Vice President, Head of Immunology & Microbiome R&D
    • Ardigen

    • Michael Weinstein, Ph.D.

    • Scientist
    • Zymo Research


    • Denise Kelly, Ph.D.

    • Venture Advisor
    • Seventure Partners


    • Raul Cano, Ph.D.

    • Chief Operating Officer and Scientific Director
    • The BioCollective

    • James R. Weston

    • Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs
    • Seres Therapeutics

    • Tonya Ward, Ph.D.

    • Senior Scientist
    • CoreBiome


    • Mark Driscoll, Ph.D.

    • Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer
    • Shoreline Biome


    • Peter Christey, Ph.D.

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • General Automation Lab Technologies (GALT)

    • Ivan Liachko, Ph.D.

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Phase Genomics

    • Morten Isaksen, Ph.D.

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • Bio-Me

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The Microbiome-Vaccine Summit: Microbiome-Mediated Immunity and the Future of Vaccines

Dates and Location: September 2019 | London, United Kingdom

Microbes in the gut have been found to exert profound control over the immune system. The role of the microbiome in modulating the immune response has already been substantially researched with numerous correlations between the microbiome’s immune effects and disease hypothesized and being explored. One exciting area of inquiry is the potential for the microbiome to play a substantial role in vaccine response. This area of exploration includes:

♦ Its potential to change how patients respond to checkpoint inhibition therapy for metastatic melanoma
♦ Correlations between the efficacy of the rotavirus and geographic differences in the gut biome
♦ How the antibiotic-mediated dysbiotic gut microbiome may actually mount a strong immune response to the seasonal flu vaccine
♦ And the gut-lung axis, or the role of the microbiome in the meteoric rise of asthma
♦ And even the possibility of explaining why some children experience adverse reactions to vaccinations, and why our current vaccine protocol starting within 12 hours of birth does not properly factor gut microbiota as crucial to immune response.

An extension of the highly successful Arrowhead Translational Microbiome Conference held every April in Boston, join us for this first event in our Translational Microbiome Spotlight series, where we bring together industry and academic experts considering the interface between the microbiome and vaccines in a one day, highly interactive roundtable forum.

CLICK HERE to request more information. If you are interested in speaking or sponsorship opportunities, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..