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2022 Conference Agenda

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

7:15 AM
Registration/Continental Breakfast
8:15 AM
Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Mollie Roth, JD, Chairperson, The Annual Translational Microbiome Conference
8:30 AM

Cancer and the Microbiome: A New Era for Precision Oncology
Recently tissue and circulating microbiomes have been identified as key players in oncology. They can be used as a new avenue for drug discovery and/or therapy modulation. Our team has established the potential value of circulating microbiome as an early-stage cancer diagnostic tool. Applying the lessons learned from genomic to metagenomic will be key to ensure a prompt adoption of these new methods for precision medicine.
Sandrine Miller-Montgomery, Ph.D., President & Chief Executive Officer, Micronoma

9:00 AM

Microbiome Based Therapies for Lung Diseases: Opportunities and Challenges
Much science in respiratory medicine now points towards the significant role of microbial dysbiosis in the pathophysiology of lung diseases. From the perspective of a physician scientist and microbiome entrepreneur, this talk will focus on emerging translational and basic science research which demonstrates how changes in the microbiome, may affect pulmonary disease conditions. In addition, this talk will address development of novel pulmonary focused microbiome-based therapeutics, and the opportunities and challenges that surround the field.
Vivek Lal, MD, FAAP, President & CEO, Alveolus Bio, Director, Pulmonary Microbiome Lab, University of Alabama Birmingham

9:30 AM

Type 1 Diabetes, Obesity and the Gut Microbiome
This talk will provide an overview of the effect of obesity on type 1 diabetes and its management followed by the interaction between the gut microbiome and type 1 diabetes. We will then show some preliminary data and discuss potential options for intervention.
Heba M. Ismail, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Indiana University School of Medicine

10:00 AM
Refreshment Break
10:30 AM

The Oral Microbiome as a Platform for Personalized Oral Health Care and Therapeutics Discovery
Decades of research have identified dysbiosis of the oral microbiome as a key driver of oral disease, and recent research suggests oral pathogens may also play a role in chronic systemic conditions. This presentation will explore oral microbiome testing as a novel diagnostic for predicting patients’ risk of oral disease and a platform for therapeutics discovery.
Danny Grannick, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Bristle

11:00 AM

Diet and the Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis: The Role in Health and Disease
The gut microbiome is clearly involved in health and disease; however, the complexity in this relationship is great due to the microbiome ecosystem and its interactions with the host system. The Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis is a prime example of this. Diet is an important, modifiable determinant of the composition and likely the function of the gut microbiome, which is a potential target of interventions to improve health and prevent disease. In this session, we will review the current evidence for the role of diet in the Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis.
Leigh Frame, Ph.D., Program Director, Integrative Medicine, Executive Director, Office of INTM & Health, The George Washington University

11:30 AM

Development and Manufacturing of Novel Immunological-Directed Synthetic Biology-Based Microbiome Therapeutics
A promising novel strategy to manage human diseases is to leverage the body’s own natural microbiome-associated immune regulatory mechanisms with oral, gut localized and targeted therapy. Rise Therapeutics is pioneering synthetic biology methodologies to develop novel cellular-based microbiome medicines using a proprietary oral drug delivery platform. Our drug candidates can specifically engage immune cells adjacent to the gut epithelium leading to reprogramming of the host immune repertoire. Our lead program, R-3750, is an engineered bacterium delivered orally for the treatment of colitis that modulates key immunological pathways leading to gut immune homeostasis: reduction of inflammation, restoration of the gut barrier integrity, and protection of the gut microbiome. This presentation will give an introduction to Rise’s programs and methodologies used to develop these novel microbiome-based therapeutics.
Christian Furlan Freguia, Ph.D., Vice President of Research, Rise Therapeutics

12:00 PM


1:00 PM

Major Changes in Infant Gut Microbiome and Metabolome Facilitated by B. infantis ECV001 Reflected in Significant Reduction of Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) and Improved Survival of Very Low Birth Weight Infants
Bifidobacterium infantis EVC001 protects the breastfed infant’s gut from opportunistic pathogen invasion that leads to enteric inflammation and disruption of the developing immune system. New clinical data indicates that this early enteric inflammation polarizes naïve TCells to allergenic (Th2) and autoimmune (Th17) phenotypes. Remodeling the gut microbiome with B. infantis EVC001 has been shown to eliminate the enteric inflammation in both term and preterm infants. New data from a 2.5 yr study where 301 VLBW infants were provided with B. infantis EVC001 has shown a 73% reduction of NEC (P<0.01) and a complete elimination of death from NEC in preterm infants (P<0.03). This work is the first of its kind to demonstrate a major gut remodeling, facilitated by a single bacterial strain, which shows robust and important clinical benefits.
David Kyle, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Evolve Biosystems

1:30 PM

The Role of Microbiota in Gestational Diabetes in Pregnant Women
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) is one of most common complications of pregnancy with a reported incidence of 2-10% among pregnant women in the United States. Our research team is focusing on the investigate the naturally occurring bacterial population (the microbiome) inhabiting the gut of pregnant women and their connection to the development of gestational diabetes mellitus. At MaMome, we are unlocking the potential of the human microbiome to create powerful clinical tools for disease prevention, early detection, and personalized interventions in women’s health.
Nini Fan
, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Mamome

2:00 PM

A new Patented Method for Obtaining Unique Inner-colonic Microbiome
Hygieacare® Inc. is a biomedical company that partners with gastroenterologists to provide solutions for improved GI care. The company utilizes the FDA-cleared Hygieacare system to offer two primary prescription-based services: HygiPrep® and HygiRelief®. In a proof-of-concept clinical trial, they collected stool and three HygiSample from up to 20 healthy patients and studied their microbiome community, including taxonomy, phylogeny, and biological gene clusters (BGCs). Briefly, of all bacterial strains detected in our study, a third were unique to the HygiSample, with a notable contribution from the different biogeographic locations. There was a clear gradient of bacterial communities along the colon, and the results were consistent between sequencing and analysis methods. In this talk, Dr. Levitan will present HygiBiome®, the research arm of Hygieacare Inc., and our business model and interests. She will also present selected results from their microbiome studies showing that their patented HygiSample is currently the only way of obtaining microbiome information from within the colon, non-invasively, and without the ill effects of oral prep purgatives.
Orly Levitan, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Hygiecare

2:30 PM

Microbiome-Based Strategy for Antibiotic Selection
This presentation will present data from a clinical study in patients with cystic fibrosis utilizing a breakthrough, culture-based diagnostic test based on a proprietary algorithm which selects antibiotics based on the “whole microbial community response” to the antibiotics, for the first time accounting for complex inter-bacterial interactions at the site of infection.
George Tetz, MD, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Human Microbiology Institute

3:00 PM

Refreshment Break

3:30 PM
Bench to Bedside: Comprehensive Microbiome Findings for Development of Precision Infectious Disease Diagnostics
In this presentation Dr. Nagy-Szakal will discuss the following:
  • Recent advances in clinical metagenomics for precision infectious disease diagnostics and surveillance
  • Understanding the role of strain-typing and antimicrobial resistance profiling employing next-generation sequencing (NGS) to guide precision therapeutics in urinary tract infection
  • Exploring bioinformatic tools and AI to support the use of microbial genomic data
  • Challenges of applying cutting edge research and tools for development of a diagnostic product, standardization and compliance with regulatory requirements.
Dorottya Nagy-Szakal, MD, Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer, Biotia, Research Assistant Professor, SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University
4:00 PM

Empowering Discovery of Exciting New Biology and Transformative Therapeutics Using Precision Taxonomy
As the microbiome is a vast and complex ecosystem, new technologies and platforms are needed to effectively map the microbiome to understand its structure and function to enable effective biomarker discovery. Precision taxonomy offers a new frontier in microbiome research while defining diseases by their underlying molecular causes. The presentation will discuss the role of precision taxonomy in uncovering the data unseen by traditional microbiome analysis and demonstrates effective approaches to utilize Precision Taxonomy Discovery Platform to obtain highly confident and actionable results in microbiome analysis, which will eventually help shorten the time for discovery and development of microbiota-based therapeutics and companion diagnostics for microbiome-related diseases.
Hasan Nur, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer, EZBiome

4:30 PM

Empowering Translational Research Outcomes With Precision Microbiome Analysis & AI
The microbiome has a critical role in human health, with systemic links throughout the entire body, making it a rich source of opportunities to improve the diagnosis, management, and treatment of disease. Through an optimized platform for end-to-end microbiome analysis, Microba Life Sciences is discovering novel signals and using advanced data science and AI to identify species and functional features associated with health or disease. By precisely and comprehensively measuring the microbiome, including previously unseen species, Microba’s analysis platform is empowering translational researchers to harness the microbiome for innovative products, therapies, and diagnostic opportunities. Using data from Microba’s internal research and development programs, this presentation will demonstrate the impact of this approach for biomarker and therapeutic discovery based on a deeper understanding of the gut microbiome and how these organisms are driving human health.
Lutz Krause, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, Microba Life Sciences

5:00 PM

End of Day's Sessions

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